In the competitive electrical industry, companies have to be accurate and cost effective with their bids in order to be granted jobs. Before the bid process starts, B.L. Smith Electric, Inc.’s estimators read plans and specifications books to determine if the project can be accomplished safely, productively, and timely by our crews. If the project appears to be one within our area of expertise, our estimating team will continue with the bid by determining all costs involved in the project. Subcontractors, material suppliers, truckers, and other vendors are contacted to get an accurate account of costs and scheduling. When the project is reviewed and deemed complete, it is presented to the public or private client along with many other companies and we wait for their decision.

It is partly because of the hard work of the estimating department that B.L. Smith Electric, Inc. is awarded jobs and has prospered over the last 30 years. Our experienced estimators draw on their real–world knowledge to refine and modify a budget once all costs for a new project are tabulated with our financial software. Our seasoned estimating team utilizes the latest computer technology along with an efficient and effective estimating system to calculate costs and establish realistic project schedules.


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